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How often have you had to deliver a pitch, convey a message or empower an audience with just one chance to get it right? A job interview, an important sales presentation, or the announcement of major changes to your team? Have you ever had a powerful idea that was never adopted because your peers didn’t recognize its value?


Storytelling is mission-critical to the advancement of our careers and our businesses. This book will teach you how to create compelling presentations, write persuasive reports, and get your point across in meetings with stories that capture the attention of your audiences. It explains how to convey complex ideas with simplicity, win the acceptance of others, speed up decision-making and demonstrate your contributions as a thought leader. 


You will learn:

  • A proven approach, based on seven steps, that will enable you to build and deliver stories in a structured, reliable and repeatable way.

  • The importance of creating a one-page story blueprint to road-test your story.

  • How the subtle use of emotional triggers will help you control the reactions of your audience. 

  • A rich library of industry examples: multi-million dollar sales opportunities, strategic change initiatives, the introduction of new business models and the launch of ground-breaking technical ideas.

  • A 23-point checklist to ensure that you are ready for your next storytelling endeavor.

Perfect for managers, directors, executives, as well as early career professionals, The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling in Business is an essential resource for those who aim to  generate impact and get their ideas recognized.

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SAMIR PARIKH is a principal business consultant, practice manager, and consultancy CEO with over 25 years of industry experience. In 2000, Samir founded SPConsulting, a global management consulting firm specializing in organizational strategy and change management. With a track record of projects conducted in more than 50 countries the firm works closely with companies that are transforming into consulting-based organizations, delivering solutions and professional services in highly competitive environments. Samir is also a regular speaker on the topic of consulting towards senior audiences across industries, as well as to ambitious undergraduate students at leading universities.

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